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13INside Track discovers things you need to know about long-term disability with Hankey Law

Learn the difference between long-term disability, short-term disability, and social security disability.


Ashley Marks and Stacy Crider, partners at Hankey Law Office, discuss long-term disability.

Crider explains long-term disability as, "It's when you can't do your job. And with disability for social security, you have to prove that you just can't work overall. But with long-term disability, it's just for your job. While social security disability is a government program, long-term disability is through an employer.”

Marks further explains that individuals may still work while using long-term disability. "If you cut your hours back to part-time because of a health condition, then you are usually still going to be eligible for a partial disability. Why this is so important is because if eventually, you have to stop working completely, they are going to be using your salary or rate of pay when you stopped working as how they base your benefits. Whereas, if you utilize that partial disability, you are going to protect that higher rate of pay, and that's what it would be calculated on."

Crider shares why people should use Hankey Law. "Because we know all the options. We do personal injury, social security disability, long-term disability, workers compensation. We can help just make sure you are getting all the benefits and all the help that you need."

To learn more, call (317) 634 - 8565 or visit HankeyLawOffice.com.

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