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13INside Track debunks 5 myths about hair growth treatments with Transitions Indy

People often think that hair restoration treatments don't work for them because they have over-processed their hair, or that it takes too much time.


Will Sadler, Director of Transitions Indy, debunks five myths about hair growth at Transitions Indy.

Myth #1: You can't help me. I've tried everything. Nothing works.

Sadler shares about this myth, "People have tried products, like over the counter products, different lotions and potions, if you will. And the reality of it is that those products are not targeting the root of the issue. And you know, this is something that's happening internally."

Myth #2: I have straightened my hair. I have dyed my hair. I have ruined it!

If you think you’ve ruined your hair by straightening it and dying it, Sadler shares a client example. Nikki Reed, from the Smiley Morning Show at WZPL, is a Transitions client who has over-processed her hair. It's damaged. And with the use of pharmaceutical grade products, with laser hair therapy, PRP, her hair is now growing long, full, super healthy. I mean, she looks fantastic.

Myth #3: This will take too much time out of my schedule.

Most Transitions clients are in and out within 45 minutes.

Myth #4: Transitions Indy can't help with medical problems, whether it be cancer treatments, auto-immune issues, or even hormones.

Sadler shares Riley's story, a woman with lupus who was wearing a wig to cover hair loss. She is now able to have hair growth again.

Myth #5: Hair restoration is only for bald men.

Many Transitions clients are women. Sadler shares details of his own hair transplant. "It's just a matter of customizing what is going to be the best fit for you."

To learn more, visit Transitions Indy online at transitionsindy.com.

Call 317-522-2991 to schedule your free hair and scalp analysis.

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