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13INside Track learns when it's time to see a pain management specialist

The suggestion is to focus on how debilitating pain is when deciding when to get help with pain.


Dr. Ed Kowlowitz, founder and Medical Director of Center For Pain Management in Indianapolis talked to 13INsideTrack about when the time is right to see a Pain Management Specialist.

"The general rule is when someone is limited in how they function, how they can live their life to their fullest for a period of three to six months it's probably time to seriously consider seeing a pain specialist." said Dr. Kowlowitz

Once someone has decided to see a pain management specialist, Dr. Kowlowitz says it is important to do your research. 

"Look for a physician who has done a fellowship, who is board certified and who practices in a multi disciplinary center," he said. "That means they do pain related injections, nerve blocks and possibly spinal implants as well as medication management, physical therapy, utilizing behavioral health, treating the whole patient and treat them holistically"

Covid19 has changed the landscape of treating patients in all areas or medicine but Dr. Kowlowitz says the most important thing is for patients to know they are there for them at Center For Pain Management. 

"Social distancing and social isolation are the big issues. People are isolated but we are there for them," Dr. Kowlowitz said. "We are using telemedicine more than we ever have. The important message is we'd like to keep in touch with our patients as much as possible."

To learn more about Center For Pain Management visit IndyPain.com.

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