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13INside Track shows how to get pain relief from Center for Pain Management

Dr. Gordon from the Center for Pain Management says chronic pain can be battled with specialized treatment.


At the Center for Pain Management, the first step is for the specialist to take a pain-focused history, so that they can understand where the pain they have comes from and what they have experienced. 

"Chronic pain can affect all aspects of your life," said Dr. Gordon, a pain management specialist from the Center for Pain Management.

Pain is a sensory and emotional experience, so the specialists at the Center for Pain Management address all the aspects of how pain affects you. They use an interdisciplinary approach that includes:

  • In-house Physical Therapy
  • Pain Psychology
  • Medication Management
  • Interventional Treatment

The Center for Pain Management said the best combination of these treatments lead to the best long-term outcomes. The specialists develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient for the best function and quality of life.

The Center for Pain Management also uses a cutting-edge technology called Neuromodulation. When pain occurs, the nerve endings fire around the area of injury and send a message to the brain. With this minimally invasive outpatient procedure, small wires inserted near the spinal cord send electrical impulses along with the body’s natural impulses in order to reduce the pain. The results have been life-changing to patients.

The Center for Pain Management said the treatment has been beneficial to patients who have tried other pain management without success, especially patients with chronic neck and back pain from surgery, sciatica, and other nerve-related pain.

The Center for Pain Management recommends patients with more localized pain in the hip, groin, and knee, especially after knee and hip replacement surgery, should look into a localized stimulation treatment.

For more information about pain management solutions, visit IndyPain.com or call one of their three convenient locations.


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