Spierer on mind as students move back to campus

Some IU students began moving into their dorms Saturday.

BLOOMINGTON - As college students head back to campus, missing IU student Lauren Spierer is on the minds of many and parents are thinking about their child's safety.

During early move-in Saturday, students were thinking about their dorm room necessities, new classes and new roommates. But the missing IU junior was also on their minds, almost three months after she disappeared.

"Once more of her friends get back and talk about what could've happened, since people leave over the summer," said student Alex Doak.

Official move-in day is next week, but international students are getting set up, as well as resident advisors like Doak. She and her mom have been talking about how to stay safe.

"Just kind of a cautionary tale. Not to be out that late," Doak said.

"Anytime you have a daughter who is single, young and in a city, you have concerns for them during the day, evening and early morning hours," said parent Catherine Weinstein.

One parent told Eyewitness News university employees brought up Spierer during freshman orientation and reminded students to travel in groups, something Weinstein has told her daughter.

"Take care when you're out by yourself. Be aware of your surroundings, have your phone available and keys in hand," she said.

"We haven't got pepper spray yet, but that's next on the agenda," said Butler parent Donna Raker.

Even 60 miles away at Butler University, students are thinking about Spierer and parents are thinking about safety when moving their teens to campus.

"Especially what happened at IU, your last daughter. Make sure they're using good judgement," Raker said.

The Spierer family is expected back in Bloomington next weekend to hand out new posters to IU students.