Spierer family seeks 'reflections' about Lauren

Retired police captain Robert Snow

BLOOMINGTON - A plea from Lauren Spierer's parents, this time not in front of the cameras but in an e-mail to her close friends.  

"Many of you have expressed a desire to share your individual perspective of how Lauren has affected your life, " says the message.  The family plans to put reflections they receive on the Find Lauren Web site under a new category called Reflections.

Retired Indianapolis Police Department captain and crime author Robert Snow, who's not involved with the Spierer case, says the call is the right thing to do now that organized searches have ended.

"In any missing person's case, the key to finding this person is publicity.  The more publicity you have, the more this persons name and picture is out there in the public, the better chances you have of finding them," says Snow.

Snow believes the reflections could help bring forward those who know something about Lauren.  "You want to keep her in peoples thoughts.  You want to keep people thinking about her and if you have something you know you ought to tell, these things pull at your heart strings and maybe they will convince you you do need to tell if there's something you know you haven't told yet," says Snow.

Despite no break in the case, Snow believes the move to keep talking about Lauren is a smart one by the family. 

In their email, The Spierer's said their hope was that in the near future they could share all of the notes they received with Lauren.