Speedway Dollar Tree closed by city won't reopen until 'grand opening standards' met

This photo, provided by an anonymous source, shows a Dollar Tree store aisle.

SPEEDWAY (WTHR) — There was new information Wednesday about a retail store ordered closed by inspectors last week.

The Town of Speedway said Wednesday that Dollar Tree will keep its Crawfordsville Road store closed until it finishes "major changes."

The store was supposed to be reinspected Friday, but that's been delayed "until the store meets grand opening standards."

The city ordered the store to shut down last Thursday due to extreme clutter crowding the aisles, making it difficult for customers to actually shop.

Inspectors and the Speedway Fire Department marked the store with a warning sign, saying it's potentially dangerous.

"(It's) like a junkyard," Peter French told Eyewitness News. "Every time you go in there, things are sitting out in the aisles. It's not normal."

Several customers tugged on the locked doors Wednesday afternoon, then left disappointed.

“Well, they did have boxes everywhere — on the side walls and stuff," said shopper Mariann Dilon. "It just seemed like stuff was thrown there."

"I would feel more comfortable with it being clean. There were times that I was dodging boxes and carts and stuff. Definitely a fire hazard," said ​Dmee Ford, who called herself a regular shopper.

Anita Reyes, also a frequent customer of the store, agreed.

"They were stacked, always on the ground," Reyes said. "You always had to go around it.”

Customers were disappointed but not shocked.

"A lot of times when they started putting out supplies, they would never finish getting them out of the boxes, so there would be a lot of boxes in the aisleway," Jewel Crain said.

Crews were inside the store Wednesday afternoon cleaning and straightening.

"Workers were super-friendly, but it kind of was a hazard," said regular shopper Jacquelyn Hunt. "I did notice older people had a problem getting their carts down the aisle."

Another shopper said she was concerned about injury.

"I'm glad they're doing something about it because every time you walk down the aisle, you think somebody's going to get hurt," said the customer, who didn't give her name.​

Manager for Investor and Media Relations Kayleigh M. Painter gave this written statement on Wednesday.

"The safety of our customers and associates is our first priority. We are reinforcing our procedures with our store teams and working with the fire marshal to address the issue."

Later Thursday, the Town of Speedway spokesperson Kelly Buck said the store would have to finish making changes before the town would inspect again.

"The store is currently undergoing major changes and they have decided to halt inspections until those changes are complete. A representative from Dollar Tree corporate has informed us that they will not be reopening the Speedway Dollar Tree until the store meets grand-opening standards. The re-inspection date is currently TBD, as we're waiting on their team to make necessary changes. They are committed to revitalizing this location and hopeful they can use this situation to create a positive change for their customers."

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