Speedway animal rescue taking in dogs during arctic blast


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - "I'm begging you for these animals in the state of Indiana, please speak up."

Joan Brown spoke up 13 years ago and she still is, for the dogs in Speedway.

The last few days have been especially hard for her and the dogs she is charged with saving.

"Alright go in and check on the babies," Brown says as she walks into the shelter housing the dogs she has rescued.

This is a ritual for her. She started Speedway Animal Rescue 13 years ago.

"Without this town, without these accommodations, these dogs we could even say it's a possibility they would not be alive right now," she told Eyewitness News.

She captured two pit bulls Friday morning and a white German Shepherd was tagging along with them. All three were roaming around the Speedway roundabout.

"If you go outside with no shoes on your feet and no coat, you will be cold. Well, so is your dog," Brown said.

And there are more, a lot more that she found roaming the streets in bone-chilling temperatures.

"Both of these (German Shepherds) came in as well last week. Both the Shepherds came in last week. Call your local vet, ask if there is space available. Call local boarding or shelter - there are facilities offering services to board your animal for free in these cold temperatures," she explained.

While the German Shepherd may have actually come running when Joan opened her car door, not all are so fortunate.

"The dogs we get in are so cold they can't even walk on their paws," she observed.

Some of the dogs have clearly been abandoned.

"They were from Speedway and they just didn't want her back. They had no problem pushing her out the door," Brown remembered.

It's a big responsibility for someone who doesn't take a salary but for Joan Brown it is not about money.

"It's OK. I know it's OK. I talk more to them than I do my family," she whispers under her breath as she closes the gate outside the shelter as she is leaving.

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