Speeding in that work zone near Columbus? Don't expect a warning


COLUMBUS, Ind. (WTHR) - Police shared photos of the aftermath of a crash in a construction zone Monday night. It was just one of several wrecks recently on I-65 just south of Columbus.

Authorities are warning drivers about the danger.

Police say the crashes are happening for three primary reasons: speed, inattention and aggressive drivers.

For deputies, the work zone between Columbus and Seymour is getting more dangerous by the day. Drivers often are going way too fast as the highway is squeezed way down.

"The way the traffic pattern is running there, there's a lot of places where there's no shoulder to pull off. It's just two lanes of traffic with no place to go," said Chris Lane, Bartholomew County's cheif deputy sheriff.

That's what happened Monday night, just after 11:30.

"There was a truck that was going to change lanes, a tractor-trailer. That car had nowhere to go but the guardrail,” said Lane.

The driver was taken to the hospital but wasn’t badly hurt. It was one of two crashes just Monday night, many more in the past month, all this construction zone.

Police blame distracted drivers. They blame aggressive drivers. And they blame speed. All things we saw as cars and trucks passed us moving at well over the work zone limit.

"People don't care about their surroundings, they're just trying to get to where they're headed,” said William Reed, North Vernon.

David Certolic, a truck driver, agreed.

"Yeah, puts people's life in danger."

It's not just a problem on the highway. Police say they're having a problem with speeders and aggressive drivers in the construction zone on SR 46. In fact, the crews themselves are the ones making the complaints. They're calling officers because cars are averaging ten miles over what they're supposed to be going.

And there’s this: If you think speeding will save a ton of time, police say you're wrong.

"The math doesn't add up exactly. It's like a one minute difference to get through that two mile stretch of road," we’re told.

Deputies want the danger to end. And do't expect a warning if you speed through here. Get caught and it'll cost you.

"There's going to be a ticket. There's going to be an educational purpose for this. It's to save lives,” said Lane.

The safety warning is ongoing. The project to widen I-65 from south of Columbus to Seymour won't be done until 2021.

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