Southwestern High School tests state-of-the-art security measures

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Where is the safest school in America?

It's possibly Southwestern High School in Shelbyville, Ind. where they're using state-of-the-art technology to protect kids.

In many schools, an attacker can walk right in the front door and do massive damage in just minutes. 

But at this school, they're going to extremes, using a brand new hi-tech security system that connects the school directly to the Sheriff's department. 

They've installed lights. sirens and even doors that can stop a bullet. 

But, that's not all. 

The school has a secret weapon that would literally stop an intruder in his tracks. 

So how does it work? Should your school have it?

Authorities in Shelbyville, Ind. can track an intruder at the high school in real-time

"It used to be that education was the number one thing that schools did," said Dr. Paula Maurer, superintendent at Shelby County Schools. "Now we need to keep our students safe first."

Teachers also play a big role. Each one has their own panic button.

"We all wear a fob in case there's a security breach," said Parmer, a teacher at the school. "We can push this button and the entire alarm system goes off in the school."

When the alarm goes off, every classroom has a box hooked up to the sheriff's department. The teacher can flip help if they actually see the suspect and if they're in danger or they can flip safe if the kids are safe.

In an active shooter situation, a teacher yells, "Security breach!" and the students run back behind a red line.

"The red line is a security measure and that's in place, because if you stand behind this red line, if there's a shooter at the door, they cannot see the children," Parmer said.

If that happens,t he school goes on full lockdown.

If an intruder is actually roaming the halls, officers can watch them from miles away. All of the classroom doors immediately lock.

Authorities can launch a hot zone.

Hot zones are exploding smoke cannons hidden in the ceiling. Cops can deploy them in an instant and they are meant to disorient a suspect.

This security doesn't come cheap.

The system costs $400,000

Because Shelbyville High School is a test school, the security company donated a big chunk of it.

The school got a government grant to pay the rest. 

But, as the superintendent said, "If schools can afford to pay for football fields, stadiums and computers, they can find the money for security. 

The students said the security doesn't scare t hem.

It makes them feel safe.

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