Southside Animal Shelter finds cat used in dog fighting ring

Cosmo's fur had been dyed red for use in dog fighting. (Southside Animal Shelter)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The Southside Animal Shelter is alerting people to dog fighting in the area after finding a cat with its fur dyed red.

On Tuesday, a UPS driver found a black and white kitten in a relatively industrial area not far from the shelter located at 1614 W Edgewood Ave.

The white fur had been dyed red.

"If you have ever seen this first hand, then you know this kitten came from the world of dog fighting," the post reads.

In dog fighting, many times cats and kittens are dyed different colors with people then betting on which one will be killed by the dog first, put up the best fight or survive the longest.

Somehow this cat, now named Cosmo, managed to escape. He has been cleaned up the best the shelter could, but you can still see some of his fur has that red tint.

Once he gets to a healthy weight he will be put up for adoption.