Southern Indiana high school crowns teammate with autism Homecoming king

Peyton Wolfe was overjoyed to be named Homecoming king. (Photo: Nicole Parido)

LANESVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - A southern Indiana high school student had a dream come true when his classmates named him Homecoming king.

Homecoming may have been a week ago, but Peyton Wolfe is still thinking about the special night. The Harrison County teen, who has autism, is well-known around his school, where he greets classmates in the hallways during the day and pumps up the crowd at basketball games at night.

"Nothing really fazes him. He doesn't really care what other people think," one classmate told WAVE-TV.

His dad said his son has his good days and bad days, "but not one day is the same."

Peyton's family said he's wanted to be crowned Homecoming king since he was in the first grade.

"He's always wanted to do it, like, since he was really little and as he's grown up he's gotten more into wanting it, so I'm glad that it did," said his brother Renn.

Teacher Mikel Miller said the students at the school have welcomed and supported Peyton since kindergarten.

"I think it was something that they really wanted to do for him," Miller said.

That's because there's something about Peyton that makes everyone love him.

"The kids have been like this forever with him. They've always been amazing with him, but I didn't know they would go as far as to make sure he would win," said Peyton's mother, Mandy.