Soldiers work to rebuild washed out road, return normalcy to North Carolina


NORTH CAROLINA (WTHR) — Soldiers with the National Guard are working to help life return to normal in North Carolina.

More than a dozen soldiers worked through the day to rebuild a washed out road in Boiling Springs Lake.

The major repair will give people more access to and from the city, and they say the community is very grateful.

"It's the best response I've seen ever," said Captain Richard Warner with the National Guard, 81st Engineer Support Company. "We just integrated right in after only being here for a day or two. We had citizens coming up and offering to do our laundry. I can't tell you how much food has been brought in from not just organizations, but general people."

The group of about 50 soldiers expect to work on rebuilding that road for another week before Department of Transportation takes it over.