Snow Sledding Saturday - Live Doppler 13 Blog


The first big snowfall of the season will arrive this weekend! The good news is that is will happen over the weekend, so there won't be as many people out on the roads. Maybe your kids got a new shiny sled for Christmas?

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect Saturday morning through Sunday morning.

Snow will start to punch in early Saturday morning from southwest to northeast. Indianapolis will likely see flakes flying around 6am. Around 1" of snow is likely by 8am in Indy.

Snow will overspread central Indiana by mid morning Saturday. Snow could be heavy at times and steady through the evening.

Snow totals will be around 4" to 7" of snow, but a few bands of 6"+ will be possible.

Indianapolis have been practically "snowless" this season! Since December 1st, 2018, Indy has only recorded 0.5" of snow. Typically by today, Indy normally has 9.6" of snow so that puts it at a 9" deficit for snow for the season.

Since this really is the first real snow of the season, take care while traveling. The first snow of the season always seems to be tricky on the roads. Just stay home and let the kids play outside while you enjoy a Colts win! You can watch it on Channel 13. It could be a wild game too, with snow lingering in Kansas City from the same system that will be here.

I also looked up some details on the playoff games in Kansas City. There have only been 9 games and only one of them had snow the day of the game.

9 Playoff Games in Kansas City History:

12/25/71: Dolphins, High: 63/ trace of rain

12/28/91: Raiders, High: 41°/ 0.00 precip

1/8/94: Steelers, High: 36°/ 0.00 precip

1/7/96: Colts, High: 9°, Low: -10 / 0.00 precip (COLTS WIN)

1/4/96: Broncos, High 32°/ 0.7" rain

1/11/04: Colts, High: 55°/ 0.00 precip (COLTS WIN)

1/9/11: Ravens, High 28° 0.3" snow

1/15/17: Steelers, High: 33° / 0.16" rain

1/6/18: Titans, High: 30°/ 0.00 precip

Be safe, enjoy the game and go Colts!