Site where mom of three children killed in crash is common spot for accidents

Crash scene near Lapel. SR 38 near SR 13. Victim's car left the road and struck the power pole.

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) – It was dark Monday when the car left State Road 38 outside Lapel striking a utility pole.

"It was just like two very large crashing -the first was a crash the second was a popping sound," said neighbor Jordan Duebel. "Just by the sound of it I could tell it was a car accident."

When the car hit the steel utility pole the crash could be heard in Pendleton, eight miles away, according to witnesses.

Victoria Hensen and 9-year-old daughter Kadence. Photo provided by the family.

A young mother, 28-year-old Victoria Henson was killed. Her three children, seriously injured.

"I called 911 to assist and my husband got in his truck and went down there to see if he could help," said Duebel. "My son he was really shook up we were all shook up."

Police say they may never know the cause of the crash. The sheriff says it’s possible the car caught a wet, muddy spot off the shoulder and that took it into the utility pole. Bringing power lines down and cutting off lights in the area.

Folks who live in the area and drive the road every day told us there’s a feature of this road drivers not familiar with the area may miss – a very slight curve.

"It’s just a very slight curve in the road," said Duebel. "I mean it doesn’t look like a curve. But if you were going straight in your lane, unless you tilt the wheel a little bit you’re going to go into that pole."

Siblings, 9-year-old Kadence and 6-year-old TJ. Photo provided by the family.

Her family saw a similar crash at the same pole a few years ago.

Another neighbor told us he can count at least three crashes in the same area.

The last update from authorities said Tori Hensen’s three children were all still hospitalized. Police say daughter Kadence, 9, suffered fractures.

TJ, 6, had skull and facial fractures and a broken left arm and 3-year-old Lucas suffered a large cut to the mouth and chin.

With the children still in the hospital, a family grieves the death of a young mother and decides how to break that news to the young children.

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