Sinkhole swallows west side fuel tank after water main break

A diesel fuel tank sits in a sinkhole at a west side industrial park. (Photo: Wayne Township Fire Department/Twitter)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A broken water main caused a sinkhole that swallowed a diesel fuel tank on the west side of Indianapolis Friday evening.

The Wayne Township Fire Department responded to the incident at a seafood distribution center on Stout Field East Drive, near W. Minnesota Street and Interstate 70. Firefighters say the water main break washed away the ground under the fuel tank, causing it to collapse into a sinkhole.

No fuel spilled from the tank as water from the broken main gushed out of the ground around it. Investigators believe the line may have bene leaking for awhile, weakening the ground under the tank before finally giving way.

Firefighters were not only concerned about the tank falling further into the hole and leaking through a top vent, but that shutting off water service to the area would leave part of the nearby industrial park without fire protection.