Shots reported outside AMC at Castleton Square Mall; no injuries or arrests

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Shots reported outside AMC at Castleton Square Mall; no injuries or arrests
Shots reported outside AMC at Castleton Square Mall; no injuries or arrests
Castleton Square Mall closed early Saturday after a fight broke out inside, reportedly involving hundreds of people.

Hundreds of teens had gathered outside the mall after a handful of fights broke out inside earlier, prompting an evacuation.

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"It was like two groups at a time. People just kept jumping in like they were just like kicking each other," said Darelene Hernandez, who said she'd been inside shopping when the fights started

"They started running up and down and we didn't know what was happening. We saw people fighting and all the police officers were running towards them," added Davin Juerling who was with Hernandez..

The fight started out small, but gradually drew in more and more people. Some witnesses reported hearing someone had a gun, but no one has been able to tell police they actually saw one, according to Ofc. Chris Wilburn. Later, there were reports of shots fired in front of the AMC movie theater, but again police have not found any evidence of gunfire.

Tensions still remained high outside for some time, but there were no reports of injuries and, as of Saturday night, no arrests were made. Police just dispersed the large crowds that began gathering outside the mall after the fight and alleged shooting.

"This generation is, it's like they don't care anymore," said William Allen who was about to drop his kids off to see a movie, but when he saw police cars and heard what happened, he changed his mind. "I thought this would be the safest place for them to go."

Police initially told that the mall had closed down early as a precaution after the brawl, and Eyewitness News crews captured video on the scene of officers telling the crowds over a bullhorn that the mall and theater were closed. A representative with Simon - the owner of the mall - later called WTHR and said that while police dispersed the crowds, the mall itself had not shut down and would not until 9:00 as scheduled.

This is not the first brawl at Castleton Square in recent years. Another fight broke out in October. Before that, five teens were arrested and two guns confiscated after a fight in March 2013 spilled into the parking lot of McDonalds. Months before that, a 17-year-old fired a gun into the air outside Circle Center Mall downtown.

"If you think for a second that we're going to set sit and allow these things to happen you're wrong," said IMPD Officer Christopher Wilburn.

Police said they'd been monitoring social media and knew the "mall brawl" was a possibility at Castleton Square Saturday night, so they had extra off-duty officers already at the mall. When things got ugly, police were on scene quickly.