Sheriff candidate's son in jail

Justin Fishburn

Indianapolis - The son of a candidate for Marion County sheriff is behind bars.

Justin Fishburn, 32, appeared in court Friday. Justin Fishburn is the son of Dennis Fishburn, the Republican candidate for Marion County sheriff.

Justin Fishburn was sentenced in 2008 to six years in prison on cocaine charges. He was released on parole, but was placed under arrest again Friday for parole violations.

Meantime, Dennis Fishburn says he's trying to "run on my own merit." He also told Eyewitness News that he didn't want to bring up the past of his opponent, and that he hoped his opponent would grant him the same respect.

"I don't condone any wrongdoing by my children," said Fishburn. "They know how I feel."

He also said that his children "never got any preferential treatment from me, any special treatment from me. If they break a law they have to serve that time."

Also Friday, Eyewitness News learned Democratic candidate for sheriff John Layton was issued a misdemeanor summons in April 2004 for bringing a loaded gun in his carry-on at the Indianapolis International Airport. He was not allowed to board his flight. Election Guide