Shelter in Hurricane Florence path begging for animals to be adopted


PENDER COUNTY, N.C. — Pender County Animal Shelter is urging people to adopt its animal.

As residents leave their homes to avoid the hurricane, animals often get left behind because there's no place that will take them. That means shelters are taking in dozens of animals every day.

According to a Washington Post report, the shelter may have to euthanize animals that aren't adopted to reduce overcrowding.

“We are avoiding euthanasia at all costs,” Jewel Horton, Manager at Pender County Animal Shelter told the Washington Post. “That’s why we’re begging for assistance.”

Animal shelters were filling up fast, and in many jurisdictions, shelters that hit capacity must "make space."

“People are fleeing this state like no tomorrow,” Horton said. “There’s just not people here to take these animals on,” Horton told the Washington Post.

The shelter has even gone as far as to waive adoption fees for the animals to find them homes.

The ASPCA has also issued a plea to pet owners to take their animals with them when they evacuate.