Seymour High School conducts mock disaster drill to prepare for the worst

Seymour High School practiced disaster training. (WTHR/John Duong)

SEYMOUR, Ind. (WTHR) — It's a sound that dictates immediate action. In this case, a mock explosion at Seymour Senior High School. There are injuries, students are evacuated, firemen enter the building in an effort to save lives. Outside EMT's do the same.

"Kids come out of the building, move far away from the building for transporting as far away as they can," Talmadge Reasoner the assistant principal at the senior high school said.

"We had a boiler malfunction. There was an explosion ... several injuries. EMS has come in and did their triage and transported,"Duane Davis the executive director for Jackson County Emergency Management said. "Fire Department came in and assisted in the school evacuation, search for victims."

A mock bomb explosion was part of training at Seymour High School. (WTHR/ John Duong)

It's the kind of training they all hope they won't need, but it's also the type of training that will apply in any number of potential incidents.

"The week we came up with the plan to do an explosion at a school was the same week as the explosion at Carmel High School," Reasoner said.

Davis added that they try to make the training as real as possible.

They also work on getting the kids to a second location and reuniting them with their parents.

"This isn't just a single event, but a lot of our policies and procedures apply to different events. That is what we are testing our strengths and our weaknesses to see how we can improve to serve our county," Davis said.

It all started at 9 a.m. — an hour and a half later there was even a mock press conference.

"They will come back and talk and say we could have done this better and that better. Allowing them to work together and for the real situation," Davis explained.

It's been three years since Seymour held a mock drill. The hope is they won't need to do this for another three years.

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