Severe weather brings flooding, hail to north central Indiana

(WTHR Photo/Rich Van Wyk)

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WTHR) – Thunderstorms raked across Hamilton County Saturday afternoon pounding neighborhoods with heavy rain and quarter-sized hail.

A severe thunderstorm unloaded on Westfield’s Hamilton Square Apartments. Rain fell faster than storm drains could carry it away.

One parking lot looked like a small pond. It appeared some cars flooded.

Courtney Hockersmith stood outside her apartment taking it all in.

“It was like pretty scary,” Hockersmith said. “It was raining a lot and it started to flood my apartment a little bit.”

The rain flooded Aracia Krueger’s apartment a lot, with no warning.

“I turned around and there was an inch of water pouring out of the walls and coming out of the floor and soaking everything, we couldn’t try to stop it,” Krueger explained.

Krueger was moving out while cleanup crews got to work.

The storm dropped more than an inch and a half of rain on Westfield. It was one of several hitting the area.

Creeks and streams are already over their banks.

With more storms in the forecast, Hoosiers are being warned to watch out for flash flooding and water-covered roadways.

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