Several injured during fight at Greenwood Sikh temple


GREENWOOD, Ind. (WTHR) — Greenwood police say several people suffered minor injuries during a large fight at a temple.

Police responded to 1050 South Graham Road shortly before 3 p.m. on a report of a large disturbance with weapons.

Police say the fight appears to have started over an election at the Temple.

Medics transported several people to various hospitals for minor injuries.

Police say about 150 people were inside at the time, including men, women and children.

"Fight outside, man. If you want to fight, fight outside don't do it inside," said Amrinder Rattol who was inside when the brawl broke out. "This is a holy place."

People came rushing to the scene to check on family members who were inside at the time.

"My nephew called me and said his dad is inside. That's why I came, but I don't know if he is okay or not okay," said Jasyinder Pawar. "It’s scary because that's not good. Too much fighting."

Members said the temple holds leadership elections every two years and the altercation was between incoming and outgoing leaders.

"We are pulling surveillance video from inside the temple and if we find probable cause exists there will be charges filed," said Greenwood Police Deputy Chief Jason Ison.

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