Several eye drops and ointment sold at Walmart recalled for being potentially non-sterile

Several Equate eye drops and ointments have been voluntarily recalled. (Photo: Equate/Walmart)

(WTHR) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall for a pharmaceuticals company that provides products for Walmart.

Altaire Pharmaceuticals Inc. issued voluntary recalls for various Equate products, including for allergy relief, solutions, eye drops and gel drops, which were all manufactured and labeled for Walmart.

Altaire is recalling the products because they may be non-sterile.

According to the FDA, a non-sterile product intended to be sterile may result in serious and potentially life threatening infections or death.

To date, Altaire has received no reports of adverse events, nor has Altaire obtained any out of specifications results including Sterility testing, for the products.

The following products are included in the recall:

  • Equate Restore Tears Lubricant Eye Drops Twin Pack W-M item #: 552374320 NDC #: 49035-189-49 Package Size: 2 x 15 mL
  • Equate Eye Allergy Relief Drops W-M item #: 567371432 NDC #: 49035-887-13 Package Size: 15 mL
  • Equate Sterile Lubricant Stye Ointment W-M item #: 563031651 NDC #: 49035-875-50 Package Size: 3.5 gram
  • Equate Comfort Gel Lubricant Eye Gel Twin Pack W-M item #: 552374319 NDC #: 49035-197-49 Package Size: 2 x 15 mL
  • Equate Restore PM Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment W-M item #: 551282425 NDC #: 49035-191-50 Package Size: 3.5 gram
  • Equate Night & Day Restore Tears Lubricant Eye Pack W-M item #: 567368000 NDC #: 49035-883-59 Package Size: 3.5g and 15mL
  • Equate Support Advanced Twin Pack W-M item #: 567371433 NDC #: 49035-885-49 Package Size: 2 x 15 mL
  • Equate Support Advanced Lubricating Eye Drops Dose Preservative Free W-M item #: 563031654 NDC # 49035-882-54: Package Size: 25 count (0.6 mL fill)
  • Equate Support Advanced Lubricant Gel Drops Multi Dose Preservative Free W-M item #: 567367998 NDC #: 49035-882-52 Package Size: 7.5 mL
  • Equate Support Moisture Lubricant Eye Drops W-M item #: 553503238 NDC #: 49035-145-10 Package Size:10 mL
  • Support Harmony Lubricant Eye Drops W-M item #: 553503238 NDC #: 49035-145-10 Package Size: 10 mL (Note: Support Harmony packaging was discontinued in January 2018.)

Customers with questions regarding this recall can contact Altaire Pharmaceuticals Inc., by calling 1-800-258-2471, or e-mailing Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.

Customers should contact their physician or healthcare provider if they have experienced any problems that may be related to taking or using this drug product.

For more information on the recall and product numbers, click here.

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