Senior couple stays fit at American Senior Communities New Energy Wellness center

Your stage in life impacts the car your drive, the clothes you wear and the type of gym that appeals to you. Seniors, for example, can feel like they don't fit in at big box gyms which market to a younger generation.  A Boone County couple found a perfect fit when they weren't even looking.

Dr. Phil and Cyndy Gibbs recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  Phil cared for thousand of Indianapolis patients in Intensive Care over his 39-year career as a physician. 

He says retirement these days, is a lot more of what he had in mind.

"We have five acres to take care of and I'm actually taking care of them again," Gibbs said.

Gibbs is 72 years old and recently his health deteriorated. He had a kidney stone was removed last March, and then had complications.  He eventually went into septic shock and spent weeks at the hospital before he was discharged and sent to rehabilitation at Zionsville Meadows.

Gibbs says he was in bad shape.

"I couldn't do very much. I certainly couldn't stand let alone walk," Gibbs said, but "toward the end of the 3 weeks I was doing a treadmill and I was walking to rehab."

Gibbs decided to keep moving at American Senior Community's New Energy Wellness in Zionsville.

Josh Dickey is the Health Program Coordinator. "Everybody here is 55 and older so they are not at other gyms and feel timid with a 20 year old running right next to them," Dickey said.

Dr. Gibbs and Cyndy now are working out together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Phil has lost 70 pounds. 

"This is the guy that I married 50 years ago..he's back!" Cyndy said.

Phil says he feels stronger, but the change is more than just physical.  "I feel good.  I would get up in the morning and feel good you know just a positive feeling and I haven't had the feeling in 3 or 4 years and it's back."

Cyndy says he has more energy and stamina, and they stay up later.

"Physically we are doing so much more around our five acres to take care of it because we want to stay there as long as we can, but we both have to work at it and we have to well enough to do that," Cyndy said.

The Gibbs go to one of seven New Energy Wellness centers around Indianapolis.  The Zionsville coordinator Josh Dickey will be at the WTHR Health and Fitness Expo this weekend with the Sci-Fit bike from American Senior Communities for you to try out.   The Expo is at the state fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 5pm.