Senator Joe Donnelly announces bid for reelection

Sen. Joe Donnelly speaks to the media after officially kicking off his 2018 re-election campaign at the UAW Local 1963 in Anderson, Ind. on Aug. 21, 2017 (WTHR Photo)

ANDERSON (WTHR) - United States Senator Joe Donnelly has a target on his back in 2018, but that has not deterred him from announcing his intention to see reelection.

Indiana Senior Senator Joe Donnelly made his bid for reelection official Monday morning in Anderson and he said why.

"Everybody has the chance to fulfill their god given potential and that is why I'm running for reelection to the US Senate so that everyone has the chance to see their god given potential come true," Senator Donnelly said as his words were drown out by applause.

He highlighted his record of fighting for jobs, for veterans and for those victimized by drugs...Trump carried Indiana by 19 points in 2016 and now the GOP has it sights set on Donnelly's seat.

Republicans are already attacking one another to get that nomination. Congressman Luke Messer's residency has been called into question and Politico acquired an 8 page document which says Congressman Todd Rokita's driver has to provide a toothbrush, hot coffee and silence when taking the candidate on the road. State Representative Mike Braun is on the verge of getting in the race and speculation has Attorney General Curtis Hill considering the same thing.

Senator Donnelly says if reelected he will continue to fight to ensure everyone has a voice but he saved his harshest words for what America witnessed last weekend.

"There is no place for white supremacy, neo Nazi's or the KKK in the United States of America," Donnelly said.

That brought those in attendance at the UAW Union Hall to their feet.

Now Donnelly will work to get Hoosiers to the poll in 2018.