Senate candidates debate pre-existing conditions in Indiana

Mike Braun (left) and Sen. Joe Donnelly were both in central Indiana Thursday.
Indiana Senate Race
Senate candidates' stance on health care
Indiana Senate race

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The election is just a few weeks away and many Hoosiers want to know where Indiana's U.S. Senate candidates stand when it comes to pre-existing conditions.

Mike Braun had a small welcoming committee outside when he showed up to receive the endorsement of the Indiana Manufacturers Association Thursday. They were concerned about health care and so was the candidate.

"Ten years ago, I crafted a plan that has never had a premium increase in now ten years and covers pre-existing conditions with no cap on coverage," Braun told the workers gathered for the announcement.

"We know Mike has said on his debates he is in favor of covering pre-existing conditions, then again he supports a lawsuit trying to undermine the ACA and get rid of that, so we don't understand how you can be both," said Jason Waller, who drove all the way from Greencastle to try to get an answer.

Democrat Joe Donnelly was also talking health care on the north side.

"Mike Braun today is supporting a lawsuit to take away coverage for pre-existing conditions. Things like that are the critical issues here. I will fight for your health care. Mike Braun is fighting to take that away," the senator said, attempting to frame the debate over the issue.

We attempted to get a clarification from Braun, but were told he didn't have time for questions.