Sen. Young visits Brookside community

(Photo: Todd Young/Twitter)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WTHR) – Indiana Senator Todd Young is not up for re-election this year.

However, he was still out and about in one Indianapolis neighborhood today.

He visited the Brookside community early this morning.

He was taking a look at the work that's being done to transform the houses in the neighborhood and the people who live there.

He wants to make sure everyone living there gets a fair shot at success.

He joined with the pastor from College Park Church to talk about what can be done to help the people who live there.

"We have a saying, we lived in Carmel for 30 years and we still love Carmel but we have a saying, everybody in Carmel had a back deck and everybody in Brookside has a front porch and we know our neighbors," said Pastor Dale Shaw.

"We've seen a lot of front porches as we've driven through this community, as we've walked through this community," said Sen. Young. "And I think the objective here is to make sure we have as many vibrant front porches as we can, not just in this neighborhood but let this neighborhood be an example for the rest of the state and the rest of the country."

Senator Young also stopped by a business in the area employing ex-offenders.

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