Semi driver accused of killing a mom, 2 children faces judge

Bruce A.Pollard

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The semi-truck driver accused of causing a deadly crash over the weekend on I-465 made his first court appearance Thursday.

While walking from the jail to the courtroom, 57-year old Bruce Pollard appeared dumfounded by all the trouble he's in. He was shackled with other men headed to court. As he walked closer to television cameras, a fellow inmate half-whispered in Pollard's ear, "Apologize to the family." Then, a reporter asked, "Do you feel bad about what happened?" Pollard responded, "Yes, I do."

The scene of a horrific crash on I-465 at Keystone Sunday afternoon. (Photo: IFD)

Investigators say the Missouri semi-truck driver has shown no remorse since the incident. During the hearing Pollard told the judge, "I just want to go home, bond out and go home." The judge set an unusually high bond of $100,000, in which Pollard claimed his mother would bring the amount needed to post bond and planned to return to his home in Missouri.

Witnesses and other evidence leads investigators to believe Pollard was traveling a lot faster than the special 45 mph speed limit and didn't hit the brakes before crashing into the stopped traffic, killing 29-year-old Alanna Koons and her 18-month-old twin daughters June and Ruby, who died at the scene when their car burst into flames after being struck by the semi.

Joey, Alanna, Ruby and June Koons. (Provided by Koons Family)

New court documents raise disturbing questions about prescription drugs Pollard said he admitted to being on and even took special pills that belonged to his mother to help with his anxiety.

Pollard was formally charged with three counts of reckless homicide and reckless operation of a vehicle in a highway work zone.

Prosecutors said they expect to file additional charges but are waiting for the results of lab tests done on blood samples taken from Pollard and medical reports of the seven motorists injured.

"You had three very innocent people, two incredibly young children who lost their lives," said Ryan Mears, Chief Deputy Prosector. "The circumstances in the way they lost their lives is truly devastating."

Pollard's trial is scheduled for September.