Security cam captures bold burglar on Meridian Street

The suspect leaves Bulldog Liquidators through the broken window (Sunday, May 3)

An Indianapolis business owner is outraged that someone went through so much trouble to break into his store.

The break-in happened at Bulldog Liquidators at 22nd and Meridian.

"The TV was actually sitting on this corner here," said store owner Ryan Schultz.

Surveillance video shows the thief smashing a glass window with a concrete block at 4 a.m. Sunday. The whole crime took just 32 seconds.

"He actually just picks it up and goes right back out. Amazingly didn't get cut," Schultz said.

The chunk of cement weighs about 15-20 pounds.

"And he threw it with some pretty good force," Schultz said.

The block bounced across the store's floor, just missing other electronics.

He crashed his way inside, in full view of early morning drivers on Meridian Street.

"See? There's actually cars," Schultz said.

The suspect is fully visible hauling the 46" big screen TV through the jagged window glass. He seems to pause, maybe to see who's watching, then apparently drops the components on the ground and fishes around in the bushes with a flashlight for at least another 15 seconds before taking off.

"There's several cars that drove right by while he was doing it and nobody made a call in," Schultz said.

It's the first problem for Bulldog Liquidators since it opened on the near north side of downtown.

"If that guy would've just come to me and said, 'Hey, I need a TV and I can't afford it, is there something you can do to work with me?' Nine times out of 10 I'm going to work with a guy and get him a TV," Schultz said.

Now, the $500 Samsung TV is gone, plus the thousand-dollar window.

Before the man smashed the plate glass, surveillance shows him walking around outside the store for about 40 minutes. Possibly building courage, or maybe waiting for an accomplice.

"He's right there again," Schultz pointed out.

If you have information about the crime or suspect, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.