Secret recordings released allegedly of Jared Fogle

Rochelle Herman-Walrond (photo courtesy The Dr. Phil Show)

EDITOR'S NOTE: The recordings in question include highly graphic details that may be difficult to listen to.

Secret recordings, allegedly of former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle, provide even more disturbing insight into his alleged attempts to have sexual encounters with children.

A Florida woman - a former news reporter - played the tapes Thursday on the Dr. Phil show. She claims she made the recordings after she notified the FBI back in 2006.

In graphic detail - and at times, almost too difficult to sit through - the audio recordings by Rochelle Herman-Walrond reveal a man's quest for sexual encounters with children. Herman-Walrond claims that man was Jared Fogle, whom she first got to know in 2006 during his visit to Sarasota, Fla., where he allegedly called middle school girls, "hot."

She says she decided to record Fogle on her own in 2007 after reportedly going to the FBI out of concern from her earlier conversations with Fogle. The two talked about being in love, and including someone named "Kathy" in their escapades. The man on the recordings could even be heard offering to fly Herman-Walrond and "Kathy" to Thailand because "it would just make things a lot easier if we're going to try to get some young kids with us."

After that, Herman-Walrond said she worked with the FBI for more than four years, providing copies of text message conversations and working as an undercover asset. Neither state nor federal authorities have confirmed those claims. In fact, the FBI said it joined the investigation at the request of Indiana State Police. ISP Superintendent Doug Carter said their investigation started with a tip from a private citizen, "many, many months ago."

"If not for the Indiana State Police, that case would have never come to light," added Jay Abbott, the FBI's special agent in charge in Indiana.

After Fogle's arrest, federal prosecutors claimed Fogle first started seeking out underaged minors for sex in 2007, the same year as Herman-Walrond's recordings. But prosecutors say they found no victim and no chargeable crime at that time.

13 Investigates reached out to Rochelle Herman-Walrond Thursday, but did not get a response. She told Dr. Phil she was "role-playing" in the recordings and was disgusted by it all, now calling herself "broken" from the process. That part of the conversation, including what Fogle allegedly told her about kids that had her at her breaking point, continues Friday. That show airs at 4 p.m. on Channel 13.

Fogle is set for sentencing on November 19 and has already paid $1.4 million in restitution for his victims.