For second consecutive day, baby is delivered on drive outside hospital

(Photo: WTHR)
Second baby born outside Community North Hospital
2nd baby born outside hospital in 2 days

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - For the second time in two days, a dad has delivered a baby outside Community Hospital North.

Doctors and nurses are trained to expect the unexpected.

But you can't blame the folks at the Community North for wondering what tomorrow will bring.

On Tuesday, we told you about the baby boy delivered in the circle drive right outside the hospital.

It happened again on Wednesday.

Luckily for Nancy Rivera Lopez, the valet workers and doctor who helped Tuesday were well prepared to help.

"Once we got to the front of the hospital, I told him 'the baby is coming, the baby is coming' and she was here already," said Lopez.

"We were all looking at each other and thinking what are the odds of this happening again," said Rochelle Murdock, a Community RN.

Mom, dad and baby are all doing very well. Baby Nancy weighed in at 7 pounds and 19 inches long. This is the 5th child for the Indianapolis family.

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