Search for owner of wedding ring found at gas station

Courtesy: Clay Ritorto

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WTHR) — Clay Ritorto got married In October just a few months back. So he knows a thing or two about rings.

On Wednesday afternoon, he stopped at a Get Go gas station in Speedway at Crawfordsville and North High School roads near I-465.

As he was getting back into his car he noticed a faint, gold glint.

When he looked closer, Clay pulled what appears to be a wedding band from where the parking lot met the curb.

Inside was the date 11-4-14 and an inscription that reads: "It will always be you."

Clay took the ring home and posted some pictures on his Facebook page. He hopes he can get the ring back to the owner.

They'll have to be able to tell him what else is inscribed inside and show a picture of them wearing the ring or some other proof, of course.

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