Search at babysitter's turns up nothing for missing baby Amiah; mom's ex-boyfriend arrested on warrant

A crowd gathers at the scene where police search the garage of Amiah Robertson's babysitter. (WTHR Photo/Steve Jefferson)
Baby Amiah Search
Search for Amiah
Search for baby Amiah
Search for Amiah
Search for Amiah
Search for Amiah

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — IMPD investigators are wrapping up a search at the home connected to missing 8-month-old Amiah Robertson.

Police had been searching the yard of Amiah's babysitter.

“We did not uncover anything that puts us closer to finding out where Amiah is or what exactly happened to her,” said Deputy Chief Chris Bailey.

Amiah disappeared around March 9 while reportedly being dropped off at the babysitter's by her mother's ex-boyfriend Robert Lyons.

As part of the search Monday and Tuesday Task Force One cadaver dogs and the University of Indianapolis Forensic Anthropology Team searched but found nothing.

The search was the result of what police thought was a good hit in the ground by the Task Force One K-9.

Family and friends surrounded Amiah's mother Amber Robertson who waited for the results. She wore a shirt with her daughter's photo.

“I was so scared I was going to come here and they were going to tell me that my daughter was here. I was so nervous," Robertson said.

Amiah disappeared between March 9 and 14. The 8-month-old was supposed to be dropped off at the babysitter's home on Holmes Avenue.

"In my body, I feel that she's still here," Robertson said. "She's still with us."

Robertson reported Amiah missing March 16.

On March 23, police announced they were investigating the disappearance of Amiah as a "homicide investigation."

Detectives have questioned the babysitter along with Robert Lyons who is the ex-boyfriend of Amiah's mother.

Metro police confirm Robert Lyons was arrested Tuesday in Warren County on a Marion County forgery warrant.

"One of 'em know what happened to her and I want her home. I want her home. If anything is wrong with my daughter, and she can't be home with us, I want justice for her," Robertson said.

Police say Lyons is a suspect in Amiah's disappearance and detectives would like to question Lyons further.

In an update given to the media on Tuesday, Deputy Chief Chris Bailey said they will continue to search in hopes of giving the family closure.

"I just hope until she comes home, she's safe and she's still with us and someone's taking care of her and someone's eventually going to give up where she is," said Robertson.