Scientists create dating profile for world's loneliest frog

Matias Careaga

(WTHR) — Valentine's Day is a reminder of those we love, or maybe those we don't have. But whether your relationship status is taken or single, you're probably not as lonely as Romeo.

Don't let the name fool you. Romeo is a 10-year-old Seheuncas water frog, according to the Global Wildlife Conservation. He's been calling out to a potential mate for 9 years with no luck.

His lack of luck in love stems from his species being rare. It also has something to do with the fact that Romeo lives in a tank at the Cochabamba Natural History Museum, BBC reported.

So scientists have started a dating profile in hopes of locating another frog like him to procreate.

"We don't want him to lose hope," Arturo Munoz, a conservation scientist, told AFP news agency.

The hope isn't solely to find Romeo a mate but to start a conservation breeding program to help save his species.

This species of water frog, however, doesn't usually live past 15, so the search for love will have to be quick.

A campaign aimed at raising $15,000 was started on Romeo's dating profile. The money raised will fund expeditions to streams and rivers to find Romeo a mate.