School demolition project discovers purse from the mid-1950s

(Photos: Greater Clark County Schools)

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) – More than 60 years ago, a high school student lost her purse and now she's getting it back.

Construction workers demolishing the former Jeffersonville High School building, Franklin Court which once served as science classrooms and a cafeteria, found the perfectly preserved time capsule.

According to News and Tribune, the small handbag was found while crews were removing cabinets from one of the classrooms.

Greater Clark County Schools posted a photo of the purse on Facebook.

Inside they found red lipstick, a letter from a friend, a Track & Field ribbon, a basketball schedule and a letter from an admirer asking her to prom.

Martha Ina Ingham’s 1955 yearbook photo. (Photo: Greater Clark County Schools)
Letter from admirer, asking Martha(Marty) to prom. (Photo: Greater Clark County Schools)
Track & Field ribbon and bus schedule. (Photo: Greater Clark County Schools)
Letter from a friend. (Photo: Greater Clark County Schools)
Red lipstick found inside purse. (Photo: Greater Clark County Schools)
Jeffersonville High School basketball schedule. (Photo: Greater Clark County Schools)
Pin found in purse. (Photo: Greater Clark County Schools)

They were able to determine that the purse belonged to Martha Ina Ingham from 1954.

Thanks to Facebook, the school was able to track down family members of Martha Ingham.

Ingham graduated high school in 1955 and is now in her early 80s.

The district is planning to mail her purse back along with all the items inside.