School custodian funds scholarship program for graduating seniors

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ST. LOUIS – There’s a high school in Missouri where one member of the staff has taken “giving back” to a whole new level.

George Love is a custodian at Vashon High School

"I take pride in my work," Vashon told KSDK.

He does his job well, by all accounts. But he also excels at something that’s not in his job description.

"Above and beyond his duty," said physical education teacher Tim Johnson. "He's a man of character."

And since Love only makes about $12.00 an hour at Vashon, it’s a safe assumption that using part of it to run a non-profit organization represents a significant sacrifice. His family has, for years, operated a program to share supplies and food to those in need. His organization doesn’t get any outside donations, but he’s recently upped the ante nonetheless.

He’s funding scholarships now.

Love is giving four graduating seniors $500 checks to help launch their college careers. Criteria for winning the award is based only partly on grades. They acknowledge effort as well.

One student says the money will allow him to buy the new computer he needs for nursing school.

"I hope this is something that can inspire them for the rest of their lives," said Love. "Them seeing somebody reach out and give, from money that I saved that came from the end of a broom and a mop."

There’s now a GoFundMe account set up for those want to take part in Love’s philanthropy.

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