"School Choice Week" shows parents options for child's education

"School Choice Week" is underway, helping parents understand the differences and options best for their child's education.

Tindley Collegiate Academy, an all-girls charter school in Indianapolis, is just one example of school choice. At the school, things are heavy on the culture and even heavier on the education.

One thing you won't hear during class change is noise. That's because the students at Tindley follow strict rules.

"Culture before academics. We truly sweat the small stuff so that our systems are tight, so we eliminate the noise that any other general public school would offer so that we can focus strictly on the academics," said Principal Kelli Marshall.

That's one of the things that attracts students to the school.

"All schools have their great teachers, but that great teacher can get overpowered by the students talking and that can make it seem like the school is chaotic," said student Sharakis Jones. "At Tindley, they give you that culture with the teacher knowing when to let them talk and be quiet while letting them learn."

Wednesday, the girls were on display for visitors on a bus tour sponsored by non-profit education group, "The Mind Trust."

"A lot of time, you see disorder and people are not engaged and people start to think that's public school and it's not," said Kameelah Shaheed-Diallo with The Mind Trust.

In Indiana, the choices are many when it comes to education. From charter schools to traditional public schools, magnets, online academies, private schools and even homeschooling, there are plenty of choices to personalize the education for your child.