Say what? Hillary Clinton used "Indianoplace" in email


As the investigation into Hillary Rodham Clinton's email continues, one email has surfaced that may give Indianapolis residents pause.

Clinton refers to the Circle City as "basketball-crazed Indianoplace." 

Some WTHR Facebook fans are calling it a typo, while others are referencing the derogatory nickname for the city.

Click to see the email if the image below does not display.

The emails were released recently in a Freedom of Information Act request. You can search through other emails here.

Clinton email

Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic party, tweeted:



And this reaction from Indy Monthly's executive editor:


Meantime, on a more serious note, FBI Director James Comey is confirming that the FBI is looking into the security of the setup of Hillary Rodham Clinton's email, but he's not answering questions about the investigation.
Comey held a wide-ranging conversation with reporters on Thursday, and it was during that session that the director - for the first time - acknowledged the existence of the FBI inquiry.
Comey isn't going into detail, and he's not answering questions about when the inquiry might end or exactly what steps the FBI is taking as part of its review.
The FBI has taken possession of the private email server that Clinton used as secretary of state.
Comey says he's confident "we have the resources and personnel assigned to this matter" and he's getting regular updates.

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