Sarah Palin draws hundreds to Carmel book signing

Some came from Chicago to get a few seconds with Palin.

David MacAnally/Eyewitness News

Carmel - Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin returned to central Indiana Thursday for her second book signing in a little more than a year.

Palin was in her element. With daughters Willow and Piper,  Palin is part rock star, part inspiration "It was really cool," says Kristin Doring of Chicago.

The question of the hour is will she run in 2012.

"I expect her to be a contender," said one teen on line, a line that stretched outside.

One woman said "I would be here if it was 20 degrees." Another, carrying a toddler said "It's totally worth it, isn't it."

The line stretched and snaked through several aisles of the store.

The Kristin Doring was at the front of the line. She arrived in Carmel more than 20 hours prior to the book signing. She made the trip from Chicago. She said, with tears in her eyes: "Such a good role model I want to be just like her when I'm older."

Nathan McGuire of LaPorte said "I just really want to meet Sarah Palin. I think she's great."

But was it worth a three hour drive? For Matt Smith it was a Christmas present for wife Keli who said "I got a Christmas card for her with a little letter inside."

Palin's new book is number two on the bestseller list, behind former President George Bush new book.

"She knows the Constitution and mentions a lot of documents," says Chuck Findley reading the book while in line.

Palin's book tour takes her to critical GOP primary states like Indiana, Ohio and South Carolina with two trips to Iowa. "(I) definitely want her to run for President some day," says an admirer.

Blair Smith of Indianapolis says "She's down to earth. Not like stereotypical politicians."

Her friend Jodi Hutner says "I would support anyone in the Republican party but absolutely Sarah Palin, sure."

But is she ready to lead?

"I think she probably could be, but I think she needs more experience," says Chuck Findley of Zionsville, a 1992 Ross Perot supporter, who likes this new maverick. "She's very outspoken about her belief and reflect a great sincerity."