'Santa' gets kicked out of Mall of America after dropping $1,000 over balcony

Mall of America shoppers collect cash that was thrown over the fourth-story balcony.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WTHR) — A 'Santa' at the Mall of America wanted to spread Christmas cheer by dropping $1,000 over the fourth floor balcony to shoppers.

A video that was posted on Facebook shows Tyler Ketz dressed in a Santa suit tossing cash into a crowd of people.

"It's better to give than to receive, and spread some love this Christmas," Ketz said on the video.

The shoppers seemed to love what was happening, but apparently the Mall of America did not, StarTribune reported.

“Mall of America welcomes acts of kindness every day -- especially during the holiday season," the Mall of America said in a statement. "However, this incident created an unsafe environment for our guests -- many of whom began reaching over the railings to grab the money being thrown into the space."

Ketz was removed from the mall and banned for 24 hours, according to StarTribune.

He insisted he wasn't trying to cause trouble. He reportedly won close-to $6,000 on a slot machine and wanted to share the good fortune.