San Diego Zoo penguins get their own reality show

Shawn Styles, KFMB

SAN DIEGO (KFMB) — African penguins at the San Diego Zoo are getting their own reality show. That’s right – move over Kardashians!

The cast of "Penguin Beach" will include 34 African penguins, and it will all be shot at the San Diego Zoo. The show will premiere will Thursday, Oct. 10, but it will only be seen on social media and the web.

What can viewers expect?

Well, let’s hope Andy Cohen is available because this penguin show will have some serious "Real Housewives" vibes.

The 34 African penguins are colorful and diverse and all part of young, new colony. The drama will be high as levels in testosterone and hormones are expected to be through the Arctic.

There is infidelity. There are same-sex pairs for whom the whole monogamy idea goes right out the window. There is a love triangle and the classic romance struggle. And of course, there is the perfect penguin couple.

The San Diego Zoo said it hopes guests can connect with the animals.

Each episode is seven minutes long and will be available on social media and the web every Thursday.

Watch the trailer below.

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