Sale underway at warehouse full of props from 30 years of shows and movies

(NBC News foto)

BRISBANE, California (WTHR) - If you're one of those sharp-eyed movie watchers who notices everything in the background, you'll love a store in California.

And this might be a great time to visit, as the shop full of props is downsizing.

It's a building full of history, items from San Francisco-shot movies and television shows throughout the years. Think movies like Milk, Zodiac and San Andreas.

The items run the gamut, from wall clocks to a morgue table, complete with a mannequin body.

"I can look at every item that I have here and know that it was in something that someone saw," said Andrew Lewis, owner of The Prop House.

And this is your chance to make some of these items your own. Lewis says most of the items in his 15,000 square foot warehouse is for sale.

"I could have spent way longer here and could have spent a lot more money," said an unidentified shopper.

The sale was spurred on by an 80 percent hike in Lewis's lease on the building.

"So at that time, we decided that we needed to find less expensive rent, which is not easy to do in the Bay Area," said Lewis.

The collection was acquired over the last 30 years, and Lewis is only keeping a small portion.

"I've never sold anything before, so now the public is getting an opportunity to own something that was in a movie or a tv show or a commercial, so that's pretty cool," Lewis said.