Russiaville neighborhood can't believe deputy shooting happened in their backyard


As intense as the situation overnight was for law enforcement in Howard County after the deputies were shot, it was also a scary series of events for people living nearby.

"This is a really quiet town and has been for the 35 years we've been here, and we really hate to see it go down," said Ted Parrott, a neighbor.

"It's a little freaky. I don't much like it," said Pamela Parrott, a neighbor.

Vaughn Bourff lives just around the corner from the mobile home where the shooting happened. He described the scene as if watching a dramatic movie unfold.

"I looked out the window and seen cops flying down the road, and so we barricaded the doors because that's kind of what some of the people were saying," Bourff recalled. "They didn't know if the guy was on the loose or what was going on! I planted myself in front of the window crouched down on my knees looking out the window. We were just blown away that this was happening. If I was to sit in front of my window here in Russiaville, Indiana at 2 o'clock in the morning, I'd fall asleep 10 minutes later from boredom, you know what I mean?"

As far as who lived in the trailer, that's the big question mark for neighbors. Even though those WTHR talked to who lived only a half a block away said they steer clear of that block.

"There's a pathway through there all the time, and you never know who lives there or not," Parrott said.

In spite of that, Vaughn said he wasn't too concerned until now.

"It was the first time I've ever been worried about anybody safety in this town ever, you know. I was pretty much born and raised here and nothing like this has ever happened before," said Bourff.

And the folks in Russiaville hope nothing like this ever happens again.

The suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant for a drug charge out of Clinton County.