Road rage victim recognizes alleged assailant in online video

James Yacconi has been looking for the man who assaulted him for two months. (WTHR/Mary Milz)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Two months after he was attacked in an apparent case of road rage, James Yacconi is "100% sure" he's found his attacker - the guy who punched him the face, breaking his jaw in two places and leaving him hospitalized for seven days.

According to court documents, Indianapolis police and Marion County prosecutors have also identified Daniel Dombrowski as the man who assaulted Yacconi at Madison Avenue and Pleasant Run Parkway on March 27. But while there's an arrest warrant for him, he's yet to be found.

James Yacconi was hospitalized after the road rage assault. (Submitted photo)

"Indianapolis needs to be aware there's someone out there who has a violent temper... and needs to be off the streets," Yacconi said from his south side home where he's still recovering.

The Army veteran said he was just out for a ride on his new motorcycle that mild March day when he saw a fellow Lyft driver and slowed down to say, "you got a brake light out on that side."

The Lyft driver, who had a dashcam rolling, can be heard saying "thank you" and telling his passenger how grateful he was for simple acts of kindness.

Soon after, a man driving a white four-door car with a bumper missing passed Yacconi and when he got to a red light jumped out of his car and confronted Yacconi, who hopped off his bike to ask him what was going on.

"I was trying to tell him I was helping the guy...and the next thing I know I get hit brass knuckles," Yacconi said.

Two months later, he's still in pain, still dealing with medical bills and, until recently, still wondering who attacked him. While earlier this month police had showed him pictures of a suspect, all were of a man with short hair and clean-shaven. A drawing Yacconi did showed a man with long hair and facial hair.

Yacconi says Daniel Dombrowski is the man who attacked him. (WTHR/Mary Milz)

But after talking to a friend about CBD oil and how it might help him with recovery, Yacconi went online and came across a video "with this guy selling stuff and I'm like 'Oh my God, it's the guy'...the way he's acting and talking."

Next, he found a Facebook page with the name Daniel Dombrowski, the same name as the man in the video.

"I'm 100% sure this is the guy that assaulted me," he said. "This is the guy that came face-to-face with me and assaulted me for no reason."

Court documents say at least two other witnesses also "positively identified" Dombrowski as the person who attacked Yacconi, documents that accuse Dombrowski of felony battery.

"I want the full extent of the law, whatever the punishment is," Yacconi said, "and I'm not backing down."

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