Roachdale woman hopes someone will return her stolen dollhouse


ROACHDALE (WTHR) - A Putnam County woman's cherished childhood memory has been stolen, and she's taking to social media to try to get it back.

Someone broke into Rachel Mandeville's garage in Roachdale and swiped the dollhouse her father made by hand nearly four decades ago.

Police were able to track down who took it, but before they could get it back, it was sold in the Roachdale community yard sale on Saturday.

Now she just wants to get the word out in hopes of getting this priceless item back.

"I'm sure whoever bought it bought it for a daughter or a granddaughter and the last thing I want to do is take something away from someone, so I'm certainly willing to replace it," said Rachel.

Rachel tells us her father has even volunteered to make a new dollhouse by hand for the person who bought hers.

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