Ripped Myles Turner isn't messing around with offseason workouts


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - If the first two months of the offseason are any indication, Indiana Pacers fans are going to see a whole new Myles Turner this fall.

The Pacers center showed off the results of a five-week workout program on Twitter Monday and it's night and day from a photo he took a little more than a month ago.

"5 weeks down, still gotta lot of work to do! #Summer18," he tweeted.

Keen Pacers fans noted his workout photos looked awfully similar to those shared last summer by teammate Victor Oladipo.

The five-week time frame means Turner only took about two weeks off following the Pacers Game 7 loss to Cleveland on April 29 before hitting the weights to get ready for next season.

His team is taking notice, too.

"He looks awesome. And he's only five weeks into training," said Pacers scouting director Ryan Carr.

The NBA regular season gets underway in mid-October. Safe to say, Myles Turner will be ready.

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