Riley kid rings bell at Colts game following cancer-free diagnosis

Conner West (right) announced he is cancer-free ahead of Sunday's Colts vs. Texans game alongside his family, including his brother (left), who was his stem cell donor. (Photo: Riley Children's Health)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — You break it, you buy it, right? Not for Conner West!

The 19-year-old Riley Children's Health patient was recognized before the kickoff of Sunday's Colts vs. Texans game.

Conner was a former high school football player in Huntington but had his career cut short after being diagnosed with Leukemia.

Thanks to the team of experts at Riley Children's Health and his brother, Jordan, who was his stem cell donor, Conner is now cancer-free!

His brothers, mother, stepfather, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousins and Riley Children's Health care team members joined Conner on the field as he rang the bell and brought the stadium to its feet.

In fact, he rang the bell with such force, he broke it! Colts' mascot Blue handed him the bell to take home as a souvenir.