Ride of silence for cyclist hit and killed by a box truck

Ride of silence for cyclist hit and killed (Sun. 6PM)
Memorial bike ride

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Some local cyclists started their day riding to remember a beloved elementary school teacher--killed while riding her bike.

Erika Wells taught in Wayne Township Schools. But, the avid athlete ran and biked everywhere constantly training and encouraging others along the way.

We spent the morning on the city's south side as her friends and family gathered to encourage each other through love, laughter and tears.

It's called a ghost bike. It has no rider and no destination. But, it has a purpose--to remind drivers that a cyclist died here. Her name--Erika Wells.

"She was a great gal. She was one of those people you were glad to call your friend," said Ivey Long, Erika's Friend.

"She worked hard at having fun and made sure others were having fun," said Diane Wells, Erika's Mother.

"She was so accepting. She accepted people. She taught kids and didn't discriminate," said Gordon Wells, Erika's Father.

Erika's parents, Diane and Gordon Wells, were her biggest fans among many, many others.

The kindergarten teacher at Rhoades Elementary in Wayne Township Schools was entering her 15th year of teaching. She also loved to bike, run and was a triathlete. She also inspired her mom to ride.

"The doors that she had opened for me. I would have never done the hilly 100 if it wasn't for Erika," said Diane.

And she joins many other friends and family on this ride of silence.

This ride a difficult one to SR 37 on the city's southside just south of Wicker Rd. This is a where a box truck hit and killed Erika a little more than two weeks ago.

They ride in remembrance, but also to raise awareness.

"We ask people to pay attention, put the cell phones away and remember cyclists have the same rights that cars do and should be respected," said Nancy Tibbett, Executive Director of Bicycle Indiana.

"One moment of inattention changes hundreds if not thousands of lives," said Diane.

So, this ghost bike will sit not to haunt, but to help ensure that other families and friends don't have to suffer the same loss.