Rhode Island zoo welcomes baby 2-toed sloth after difficult delivery


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WTHR) — A Rhode Island zoo is welcoming its newest addition to the animal family despite a difficult pregnancy.

Two-toed sloths Fiona and Wesley became parents to a baby sloth while the zoo remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Roger Williams Park Zoo made the announcement on Twitter Monday and said "Fiona & her baby had a hard delivery & needed emergency care & a lot of extra help."

The zoo said the baby was not moving at first but finally responded after being warmed.

One day later, the zoo tweeted photos of the baby sloth, saying the baby weighs 1.5 pounds and "is quite large compared to other newborn sloths."

Staff will continue monitoring the mom and baby's health.

The Roger Williams Park Zoo has been closed since March 13 due to COVID-19 concerns, although staff has continued working to provide daily care to the animals.

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