Restaurant customer accused of stalking


David MacAnally/Eyewitness News

Kokomo - A Kokomo man with a violent sex crimes history faces charges of stalking a waitress at a restaurant.

Police arrested 67-year-old Larry Sands for stalking and failing to update his information on the Sheriff's Sex Offender Registry.
Sands served 10 years in prison on a rape conviction.

Police say he began going into a Kokomo restaurant to visit a 28-year-old waitress. He left big tips and gifts and his behavior began to bother the waitress.

Howard County Sheriff's Deputy Steven Seele said Sands kept "contacting her on her cell phone that he obtained through a secondary friend of hers without her permission and had kept repeatedly calling her against her wishes. She repeatedly told him to leave her alone."

Sands claimed the waitress gave him her phone number, but police say that's not true.

"I've never done anything to her but try to help her," Sands said. "I never pushed her about sex, never hit on her, never asked her out on a date."

Police say Sands' earlier rape victims were ages 16 and 18.